Friday, 1 June 2012

Holidays 2.0 (Yes, we did Giovanni 2.0, now holidays, and then we will add 2.0 to anything that moves)

I'm on holidays again, but this time I decided to do some more geeky holidays, so instead of doing holidays at an Image Processing or Air Traffic Management conference, or travel to Japan to face my nemesis (LOL, did u get it?),  or getting as far as my mobile signal disappears,  I will re-open my Facebook account for five days on the next full moon, and write one or two more blogs to say just what ever.
In this spirit, I looked at my old and abandoned Twitter account, and decided to go 2.0. I asked my dear search engine to tell me what to do on Twitter and this is a summary of a guy's tutorial (2009) to become a super tweet freak in ten steps, let's see:

1) Open a Twitter Account.
2) Customize your twitter appearance (go to Settings/Design).

3) Create a accoun
4) Set-up the bitmark bookmark on the toolbar (from
5) Download tweetdeck or some other twittering sowrtware
6) Start to search for people to follow using Advanced search and the "by Location" feature.
7) Use direct Message, reply, and re-tweet
8) ???
9) Signing on Mr. Tweet (Ok, this is outdated...)
10) Add a link to your twitter feed on everything (Ok, but only for a few days, let's see what happens :-))!

Oh, yeah, btw,

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