Monday, 27 February 2012

Teacher's pet, not the

I was never the teacher's pet but I was
always friends with the teacher's pet
It's my first time doing this show, and
I really really like the clothes Woo hoo!!
love the bright colors and that I think is
so cool I didn't think I wanted be in one
but is so cool ! You're the only girls I
know What would that be? Time will thell
what I wanna do but I don't know, I don't
know I have way too many friends at this
moment but I don't know.. This season is a
special one It is my birthday! I'm 16...
finally amazing fur coat, is like, I can't
even explain it I would only wear pants
and like shorts and yuck and...but now I'm
back to the girly girl I didn't know how
lost I was...ji, till I find you There was
only 2 advantages of being so tall, Basket
and Modeling... so I choose the second one
but, I'm not a material girl. Please me my
lucky sun till the end of times, but you
make me feel Like a virgin, touched for
the very first time! When your heart beats
Hi, I'm from las vegas and I love fashion
TV It's independent time for woman and we
have so many rights! I was very good with
my marks, but I very bad with my behaviour
so they kicked me out of school It's such
a joung spirit.. Ce'est le charlemagne so,
what is your talent? I think you can say
my kind of a character, I think it is not
any more about the beauty, so, I think is
more like.. the acting skills, a model has
to be an actress. She has a talent to be
Magdalena! My lucky charm is my boyfriend
but I'm looking more for the charachter I
think is the energy that you find in the
person it's a sparkle in the eye, and then
you know this is it.. You don't let it out
you come back, you talk around you make it
cool, scream and shout, scream and shout.

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